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All stories and poems copyright to who wrote them.  Not to be taken without their fully written permission.


By Christa Kinne

Have you ever gotten bored?
I know I have.
So....I ask you...
When boredom strikes what do you do?
Do you write a poem, read a book, or watch TV?
Or do you play on the computer or play a DVD?
When boredom strikes....do you do what I do
and make up stuff thinking of what to do?
Well......if you are bored...think of what you do...
And just think now that you read my poem you
ought not be bored anymore....
So I ask on last time......
When boredom strikes what do you do?

Dog Star

By Toric

Oh howl, the song of the wolf.
Cold winds blow from faraway north,
Making images in my mind's eye,
The echo of thy howl, then silence,
I search the skies.

Where is the fire, where is light,
The blackness reaches so far,
The moon is new, she sheds no light,
I keep searching for the Dog Star.

So sing your song, oh wolf.

Dog Star, you say I am great,
Oh, but how I wish to shine like thee,
Great Dog Star in this night sky,
Sirius, stronger then mighty oak tree.

So dance and sing great wolves and dogs,
For Sirius the Dog Star shines tonight!


By Toric

A soft breeze blows,
A silence fills the air,
Breathless and still,
I watch you lying there.

The black of night,
The white of day,
The brown of fresh, clean earth.

You were my hero,
Oh great Dog Star,
I looked up to you with joyous mirth.

Where is the fire, I ask.
Where is the light?
Is blackness all I may see?

And yet the moon doth shine so bright,
Half black, half white, she be.

Farewell, my hero...
Oh how I shall miss thee.


Shadows clock,
The midnight hour.
Those awake,
To weep and cower.

Those asleep,
Indeathful bliss.
Await Black Angel's,
Final Kiss.

Tempered fangs,
As stong as steel.
Await to reap,
Thou final meal.

Callous eyes,
To shine and burn.
Bow down before,
You worthless worm.

Silent pads,
On blackened sleek.
End sorrow,
For both strong and weak.

Death is final,
Death is peace.
Consider it,
The last release.

Shadows fly,
On silver wings.
No escaped,
All living things.
Shadowed frame,
With piercing claws.
Foolhardy alone,
Step through our doors.

by AmethystEyez

I am the wolf
Both awed and feared,
Knowing both love and hate.
I am the wolf
Photographed in parks,
Yet killed with trap and bait.
I am the wolf
Who haunts your dreams
On dark moonless nights.
I am the wolf
That in fairy tales,
Makes children quiver with fright.
I am the wolf
The call of the wild
Sung muzzle to the skies.
I am the wolf
Sharp teeth and claws,
And fire in my eyes.
I am the wolf
Who approached your fire,
And helped you hunt your meat.
I am the wolf
Who now lies disguised
Sleeping quietly at your feet.
I am the wolf
Who once did run
Across lands wild and free.
I am the wolf
Whose howl now rings
From caged captivity.
I am the wolf
Who mates for life,
Whose heart is always true.
I am the wolf
Whose love stays strong,
Unlike so many of you.
I am the wolf
Whose skin now hangs
On walls as trophy hide.
I am the wolf
Whose fleetest foot,
Could not from your guns hide.
I am the wolf
My pups still play,
As young ones often do.
I am the wolf
Who now will ask,
Am I so different than you?
I am the wolf
Your guns and traps
Soon may end my song.
I am the wolf
Who wonders why,
You can't see that would be wrong.
I am the wolf.

Wolf Cry

By Nova

Then the moon rises in the dusty sky you will hear the wolf cry.
It echoes upward in the sky, thousands of spirits now fly.
How could such a creature hold such power as to make the wolves spirits cry?
Do dreams really die?
Listen to the wolf cry, uptwords the greeting dawn..
The sun rises high, do the wolves cry really die?

Then and Now

By Icy Fire

The bright green fields where we once ran, now covered in conrete
Where flowers once bloomed, now trash lays
Where beautiful trees once grew, now towers stand before us all
Where the sky was once clear and blue, now it's filled smoke and gray
Where the moon once shown on a perfect world, now the sun rises to a world where everyhing is all wrong
That was then, This is now


By Icy Fire

Silence, that is what you've caused, silence
Now that we cry no more, nothing but Silence
Now that you hear us cry for the moon and stars no more, all there is is silence...
Silence, you have caused Silence, is thart what you wanted?
You have ended the cry of the night, now you must live with Silence
You have destroyed the voice of the stars, now Silence is all you have
The cry of the moon shall be hear no more, now there is Silene
You have nothing left, but Silence

Who are we?

By Icy Fire

who are we?
We are wolves.
Who are you?
you are the same, are you not?
You are, yet you treat us like we are very diferent.
We are the same, yet you think were trespassers and murders.
We think the same of you, so are we really that diferent?
no, we are not.
We are the same, we just hate one another, why?
Why do we hate each other?
Are we each really that unexepting of one another?
Yes we are, both of us.
You hate us and hunt us down, kill us.
Yet, we do not do anything to you, do we?
No, exept steal a chicken or somtimes a few cattle, but do you need to hate us for surviveing?
No, you don't, but you do.
And we hate you for hating us, for hunting us, for trapping us, for killing us.
You start evil rumors about us, wruite stories where we are evil monsters, is that our fault?
No, but you want to believe we are so diferent when we are so much the same.
In the end, the reason you hate us is because we are so much the same...


By Heritage

I watch in pain
as you leave me in vain
to raise our children alone
I feel sorrow
as I borrow
once again
the pain
I lose my love
as you walk away
like a flying dove
I cry
I howl to the sky
my sorrow

The Wolves

By Emrald

Dare we all meet here?
bring your pack, your alpha to
lift your voices with me,
Twas I who asked you here,
I will always be running with your soul,
as yours mine,
Beauty beond everything,
Teach all humans the ways of the wolf,
                 We all listen....


By Kana

I hear the birds speaking
I hear the rain falling
I hear me living
I am alone,
Here, without you

The Mythicals Of Wolf Mountain

By Mistique Night Walker (MNW)

A Storm is about, Yet it passes and soon.
But as it passes another comes from the moon.
There are 2 , 2 of them
The Storm Dragon now and then.

Like the sun these ones are.
Yellow wide and far.
Thin and yellow these ones are they.
It be a yellow scaled, yes it may.

They have their feathers on their wings.
Thinking of so many things.
Fight they don't, and short they live.
Feather Winged Dragons, rare to some

Like an anvil they can be.
Shiny and metal just like me.
Metals and blue
strong like super glue.

Solid white these few ,
yet known to me and you.
The Glowing White
Be careful, they bite. 

Little and green      
these small ones be
We call them Welsh greens
small as can be.

Like a lizard this one is.
With horns and redness yes it is.
The one we call Red..
The Red lizard Headed.

Perhaps the search for freedom...     
Or perhaps they seek freedom.
White with red my dear friends are.
Freedom Seekers yes they are.

Black as night these ones they are.
Wild , so wild , wild by far.
Black Wilds these ones
my dearest friends they are.

One is Blue, One is Red.
Both are similar
yet one is smaller.
The larger we know as Blue Backs
The smaller as Red Backs.

Grey as a stormy sky,
Grey as foggy sky.
Smokey greys these ones are,
Smokey and grey
as fog today.

The water these ones love.
My first one was of these ones.
Fighting too these ones are true
Aqua dragons for me and you.

There are 2 of them
as these are our Storm Dragons.
With one horn, the roam about.
They are the 2 ,
2 unicorns of Wolf Mountain.

Many of them we see about.
Many so related, there is no doubt.
Griffins of our land is what they are
Always here, near , and far.

Here are our Mythicals of our Mountain.
Hear them all as you can.
And perhaps one day, just one day
One will come to you.

Twilight hour

By Silver Mist

The moon shines bright
at the twilight hour
mournful song
roams the air
the wind joins
and peirces the sky
its stars spread
moon climbs his ladder
a top us
the howl is mourful
its song is loud
it rings through out
the unniverse
the song ends
the moon climbs his laddder
around the bend
say far well
till the next time
we meet again


By Silver Mist

Sorrow fills the land
it's essence is displeasing
along with its soul
avoid if possible
it's a diseeas
yet a parestite
that sticks with you for ever
it fills alls soul just doesn't grow
every now and then
it awakens
to create
a sorrowful soul
there is no way
to pick it away
it sticks forever
on one

What is life?

What is Life?
Is it living?
Or is it dying?
Perhaps Life is noth
We shall never truely know.


The Trophy Hunt
By AmethystEyez

The scent of spring rains hung soft on the air
As they romped through the fields with little a care.
How could they know what fate would befall
The dangers which lurked in the grasses so tall?

The crack of a gun, a sharp cry of pain
One life is taken, one never the same
A final breath whispers, the body is still
A satisfied hunter approaches his kill

That night to the moon a single voice cries
A grief-striken song, a part of her dies
Her long mournful howl asks a question so old
How can man's heart be so cold?

By Tash

We are wolves
Hear us howl
In the shadows
We shall prowl

Our claws like blades
Our jaws of steel
we wait in shadow
As we sent our meal

Fur so sleak
Eyes so bright
We stand proud
Feel our might.

We are legends
Feared by man
Myth and folklor
Run while you can


We are wolves,
Hear our cry.
You can't kill us,
We'll never die.

We live by day,
And hunt by night.
We love to watch humans,
Run in fright.

Hunted by man,
feared by all.
But here we stand,
Proud and tall.

Mighty and strong,
We are as one.
We live by the
moon, stars and sun.

Wonder Wolves

We are the wolves,
here we stand.
Our children beside us,
we all are grand.

We travel in packs,
and gangs and clans.
We live together,
like brothers in bands.

Just try and stop us,
you never will.
We live for the hunt,
the thrill of the kill.

We are wolves
mighty and proud.
Try and keep up,
you'll be left in a cloud.


(Laugh When I Cry)

By Cat

You tell me "you're so lucky"
They tell me, "you'll go so far,"
He says, "I wish I were you,"
She says, "You're so smart,
You could do better,"
My friend tells me I'm not alone,
That when I cry God cries with me
But I know that God laughs when I cry.
Mother asks me, "Why aren't you doing better?
Why do you smart off, I'm saying this because I care?
Why don't you trust me, I've always loved you?
When are you going to get your priorities straight?"
And I know I don't trust her because
Her love is blind
She does not know me at all.
My father tells me,
"Don't be so frustrated
You'll be great
You're beautiful,
But I know,
My life is running in circles
And I'm about to explode,
My beauty imperfect,
My talent forever half made,
My heart eternally incomplete,
And I know that God laughs when I cry.

Abyss of Shadow
By Soujiro

Shadow, I once was, and now am again,
And so shall stay, until all things mend,
Then the snares are broken, and I am free,
Free to run, free to see,
And I will forget, all I have learned,
And plunge into darkness, and to shadow return.


Wolf Hunt
By Silver Fang

The wind howls through the trees,
Wolves run wild and free.
The hunters give chase,
What a great race,
The rabbit streaks on ahead.
One wolf lunges at the meal,
Striking the rabbit at the heel.
The rabbit falls,
Becomes food for all,
And the wolves wash themselves in blood.



By Dracula's spirit

Wild Flowers in the air,
There was just one thing I could not bare.
Love is in the air,
Holy cow could she be the one?
    The wolf of my dreams have come!?
She is the one that will get my job done!
And I'll be happy!
That is all I will become



Element Keeper
By Icefall/Emrald

Shadow, wind, water, air
Fire,Earth, and hazy mists
Elemental mortallity in none of what is speaking.

~Can you feel the power of the Keeper of elements? The Dragon~

Tired Beast of riches and power. I saw to thee come to me oh one of wonder. Golden wings encreased with silver.
After all. The elements you count.



Dynasty of the Stars
By Toric

Through the generations
As the seasons turn
Search for confirmation
Of what your spirit learns

Triple colored collies
Wolves of every form
Victories and follies
Joyful or forlorn

Darkest shadow hunters
Seekers of the light
Join one and all as brothers
When all and one take flight

Dwell upon tall Wolf Mountain
This great family does
Peace breaks into war again
Until they find the cause

See the Dogstar's legacy
Sing beneath the sky
Are they myth and fantasy
Or are they you and I

Can you hear them calling us
There in the forest grove
Ancestors so brave and just
Tell me where they rove

Forever know the family name
Of Cresentarian
For nothing ever stays the same
The tale's just begun

Don't ever forget the legend
of the Dynasty of the Stars
Never let the story end
Remember who we are


Silver Midnight
By Silver Midnight

Gray green orbs flicker darkly,
Silver gray brute treads softly.
Crossing the terra alone,
Long away from home.

Plume wagging slightly,
Auds pricked easily.
Gaze sweeping the terrain,
Hoping for a familiar face.

Golden feather shinning soft,
Golden feather floating aloft.
Padding softly through the grass,
Feather hanging smooth as glass.

Midnight shadowed dark,
Silver softly barks.
Green blades softly sway,
Midnight joins the coming day.


Morning Sunshine
By Silver Midnight

Wings spread wide to catch the light,
Optics glitter dark as night.
Soar circles with such ease,
Wings tipped to catch the breeze.

Gaze sweeping the terra,
Shrei resounding through the air.
Golden tips tapping the water,
Golden tips rippling waves.

Red hues of dawn,
Flick off the golden bird.
Shadows below following close,
Golden wings begining to fold.

Talons extended to land,
Branch bends under her weight.
Chatters of angry squirrels,
Silenced as she finds them.

Fire Opal
By Silver Midnight

Flames burn higher,
Eyes glow brighter.
Shadows turn darker,
Sun sinks lower.

Dark shadows shift,
Fog slowly lifts.
Thunder sounds from afar,
Talons leave deep long scars.

Heart of gold,
Past slowly folds.
Shadows follow in her wake,
Almost time for dawn to break.

Wake with the new dawn,
Watching the running fawn.
Orange optics glitter dark,
Giant paw to leave a mark.

The Karuma
By Karuma

She walks alone
A hard path

Death to those

That feel her wrath

With blood so vile
‘Twould burn your skin

With eyes as red

As the fire within
To death

To pain

That hard
Black rain
Pelt black as

The skies
With horrid

Red glowing eyes

That eerie glow
With no fear

Beware! Beware!

The Karuma is near