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The Path to Wolf Mountain
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Creatures who have been outcast, either by their families or by their packs live here. They will defend their territory fiercely. Keep a wary eye here...

Wolf Mountain rules do still apply in your gangs, if you break a rule in one, it will be removed. Password protected gangs are not allowed.

Gangs that are inactive will be removed without warning! Please only make one if you feel you have the time and commitment to maintain it.

Old gangs without any recent posts have been deleted. However, if you wish for it to be re-listed please email with the address.

If you would like your own gang, email me with a message board or website address and I'll add it up shortly.

Gangs are not packs. They cannot be challenged for.



On joining a gang you can claim one common blessing.  However, if you leave or the gang falls into inactivity and is removed then you will lose that one blessing.


If your gang is removed you cannot make another one for six months.

Storming Night

I Nossė Fėanįro



Flaming Heights

Dark Resolutions

Hidden Shadows

Death Valley

Fighters Gang

Shadow Clan

Star Clan


Thunder Clan

Bloodlust Canis


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Introduction by Lia.
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