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Welcome to the place known only as The Colosseum. Only the truly brave dare compete.

What is it?

The Colosseum is a place where battles take place - but these battles are different from those which occur anywhere else on the Mountain. Why? Because at the start of each battle you will be set by a third party a list of up to four blessings that can be used in that fight. These can be any blessings from the list, you don't have to own them. However, you do not get to keep the blessings beyond the Colosseum boards. If it isn't clear who the winner is, the person who picked the blessings can also act as a judge. However, this judge must not show any bias to one player over the other.

Starting the Battle

First post on the 'Looking for Battle Partner' board. Once someone has replied another player can also reply to be the judge. They will list a maximum of eight blessings of which the two battling characters can then select four. They can also decide how long the battle will go on for (although this is only optional) - for example, 20 posts and then they decide the winner. If using a number of posts and the winner isn't obvious, the judge can look at strength, skill and clever use of blessings and use that to decide.

Any player can be either a judge or a competitor but any unfairness or attempt at being both in one battle will lead to nasty consequences (in other words, don't even dare try it!).

What Next?

Following that, you can then begin the fight in the 'Round One' board.

Once the battle is over, the winner can compete in Round Two. Again, post at the 'Looking for Battle Partner' board, stating that you are looking for a Round Two partner. Only winners of Round One can compete.

There is a maximum of six rounds. You must win each previous round to get to the final round. If you lose in say, Round Three, you must begin from Round One. Only the best will triumph!

Overall Winners

Anyone who gets to Round Six and wins that fight can claim the following prize:

The Colosseum Pegasus

This mythical beast can ONLY be obtained through the Colosseum event! Born silver in colour, this mythical can turn either white, black or remain silver throughout its life. Black Pegasus are thought by some to be unlucky or evil bringers, silver to be knowledgable but neutral in their approach and white to be good.

Pegasus can breed, however they only give birth to Unicorns. Perhaps this is the Sion's doing?

They reach adulthood at 1 year.

Max 2 offspring/breeding.

6 months between breedings.

Lifespan of 10 years.

Can breed only with The Colosseum Pegasus.

Naturally, these Pegasus can fly! They cannot be traded to another player.

This prize can only be claimed once per player! So even if you win again, you can only have one of these.

However, if you do win again you can claim two common blessings and two uncommon blessings. You will also get the Death blessing. This prize can be claimed again and again, if you have the patience to go through all six rounds again and again! ;)

Please note, although you cannot keep the blessings used you will suffer exhaustion after battle beyond these boards. Also, if your character dies here, they are dead everywhere!!!

If you try to cheat in any way (for example, fighting a friend who lets you win each round) you will not be eligible for any prizes. You may also end up dying or losing a lot of blessings! Be warned!


Now with even better prizes!

If you win one round you can claim one of these Colosseum-only blessings!


Flame Wings - (Must have Fly Blessing to use!) Fire erupts from your wings causing no damage to yourself but only to those around you (and anything else flammable). It also makes you immune to any fire attacks during the battle. The uses are unlimited but it is weak against water. It is 2/5 tiring but grows steadily more tiring as the battle continues.

Vine Wings - (Must have the Fly Blessing to use!) Vines wrap around your own wings but can reach out and slap or ensnare the opponent. The uses are unlimited but it is are weak against fire. It is 2/5 tiring but grows steadily more tiring as the battle continues.

Stone Skull - A heavy stone skull encases your own head. It can be used for bashing an opponent but does slow the character down due to the weight. If the character isn't large or strong enough it can backfire by making that character incapable of moving. However, it could also act as head protection. It has unlimited uses and is 2/5 tiring.

Heavy Metal - This blessing encases the character with metal armour on their paws and legs. However, it can also slow them down. It does act as good protection though! It has unlimited uses but is weak against water. It has a 1/5 tiredness level.

Fallen Angel - This blessing turns a character evil against their will. It can be used on the one possessing it or on someone else. They may try and fight the way the blessing is shaping them but they will not succeed... It has unlimited uses but can only be used once a month. It has a 1/5 tiredness level.

Guardian Light - The only cure for Fallen Angel. It returns them to how they thought before, whether it was more good or neutral. It has unlimited uses but can only be used once a month. It has a 1/5 tiredness level.

Let the battles begin!

Find a Battle Partner

Round One

Round Two

Round Three

Round Four

Round Five - Potential judges for this round must be a rank.

Round Six - Potential judges for this round must be a rank.








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