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~ To take over a pack you must challenge the alpha. If you ask for a challenge and no new posts are made for at least four days then you can take the pack as your own. ~

~ Only ONE pack per player, you cannot claim more than one under different characters. ~

~ Mythical species cannot own packs. ~

~ Pack wars are permitted. As well as this, a challenge can be made to an existing alpha by more than one character working together to overthrow the leadership. However, this must be fair on each side, for example, if their are two challengers working together, the alpha must have a pack member fighting with him or her too. The alpha cannot refuse to fight one-on-one but can refuse to fight against more than one opponent. ~

~ If a pack Alpha is unable to get on for ten days due to real life issues or unable to get online, they can post in their pack saying so, and will not be challenged during that time. However if this happens on too often as an excuse rather than a real circumstance the decision may be taken out of your hands and the pack given to the challenger.~

~ A character that owns or is in a gang cannot own or be in a pack too. ~

Packs hunt, battle and train together and if one member is ill the others will take care of them. If you are not part of a pack you will live life as a lone which you may find harder. Once accepted by an alpha into a pack your character can gain one uncommon blessing of your choice. However, an alpha can also banish a creature from their pack lands, forcing them back to be a lone wolf again. Any inactive creatures in a pack will be thrown out. Please be active in your pack!


Pack Banners Kindly Drawn by Flaming Rose


The main territory of the Coral Flower Pack consist of two large fields which the rare coral flower plant grows in. This is the only place on the mountain this plant grows. It is rumoured to have healing properties.


The territory owned by Wind Gale Pack is a large meadow. Most other creatures don't venture as far out as this territory and without this pack being here it would be a lonely place.


Kuna Pack consists of numerous abandoned human fields. Why they were abandoned remains unknown...


The Ice Pack is situated on one of the close mountains. Only sure-footed creatures patrol the highest peaks owned by this pack, as one careless tumble can mean the end.


Earth Pack has a large territory which comes close to River Danson.


The Water Pack has territory bordering close to one of the main rivers of Wolf Mountain and could be described as an isle as it is completely surrounded by water. The amount of actual land this pack owns is not particularly big, but easy to defend. However, the only way out of the pack would be to cross the water and in bad weather in the past lives have been carelessly washed away.


A pack mockingly known as the Fire pack. Originally this pack was surrounded by trees. However a brutal and violent war broke out and the attacker's combined their fire blessings for total destruction. The pack land was ruined and many creature's perished. Years later, the pack land still looks as haunted as ever, blackened trees stand here and there. Sometimes you can almost smell the smoke still in the air...




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